London Marathon 2014 Training: The Journey Begins – Week One

My journey actually began last year when I decided to start sorting out my in-balanced knees, which have always kept me from running more than a few miles before having to take some time off.  I sorted out some physio and mostly kept to the regular stretching, yoga and strengthening of my knees, legs and core.  I did fall off the wagon a number of months later though and sadly then didn’t manage to make it to the St Albans half marathon I’d signed up for.

Fast forward a year and I’m back.  Why? My wonderful wife signed me up for the 2014 London Marathon, the same race that she actually wanted to do and I would be there to support her in doing. I got in and she didn’t, it sucks, but due to her re-occurring Asthma and recently mended ex broken foot, it’s not a bad thing.  She will be back stronger than ever, but for now, she is my motivation for doing this.

I’ve been slowly building my fitness up over the summer months and my knees are less fragile than they were a year ago.  I’ve been doing some gentle running up to this week, but last Tuesday was the first day of my 17 week virgin money beginner london marathon plan.

End of Week One of my 2014 Londo Marathon Training

Shattered but relieved to get to the end of week one intact.

Tuesday 17th Dec consisted of:

  • 10min Walk
  • 20min Easy Run
  • 5min Walk

3.67 miles felt ok for the 1st day.  I’m aiming to finish the 16.2 miles of the london marathon in under 4 hours, so that’s just less than 7 miles per hour, so all good.

Thursday 19th Dec consisted of:

  • 10min Walk
  • 30min Easy Run
  • 5min Walk

3.68miles but in the gym as I’ve been pretty rough of late, so I opted for not going for a rainy run in the cold.

Friday 20th Dec I headed to the gym for a stretching, core and weights work out which felt good, it’s essential that I get these sessions in to ensure that my knees stay as they are and improve as once the miles clock up I’ll soon start to feel the strain.

Sunday 22nd Dec I did my first weekend run to see where I’d got to, it consisted of some hills, riverside running and was pretty nasty due to my cough, which is thankfully starting to go.

  • 5min Walk
  • 30min Long Run
  • 10min Easy Run
  • 5min Walk

Does anyone know what how the Long Run differs from the Easy Run? Longer Strides? I managed to cover 6.12 miles in the 55mins. Tough but enjoyable.

For anyone that is interested, the gear I’m using is:

Ok that’s it for now, catch you all in a weeks time. Keep on Running!

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