Ok so most people start a new years resolution in January, I decided to kick mine off just before Christmas, but seeing mine was healthy eating, drinking less and exercising more, I wanted to get off to a bit of head start rather than pile on the extra weight over Christmas and have more to work off.

I have been a member of Nuffield Health Centre in Hertford since September 2011 but not really gone more than a couple of times a week, and due to a pretty heavy work commitment which usually goes on until 6:30-7 most nights I prefer to start at 6:30am and be on my way to work for 7:45 which usually gives me about 45 mins in there, 15mins over the recommended daily amount, perfect!

Since mid December I’ve upped my routine to 5/6 days a week with my fiance (increased status of greatness since New Years, high fives all round). I feel better than ever before, plus five-a-side football with work once a week and I have just put myself forward for both a 22 mile river boat race in September and a charity boxing match in May so I feel this is all going well. (I’ve never boxed before so expecting to be knocked out in the first round but at least I’ll be even healthier after the 20 weeks of training I’ll get as part of that on top of my current training.

Last night I had my Health MOT which included blood tests for all the I’ll open up the stats for all to see at this stage and give you all the low down in 3 months time at my next Health check.

Height: 181cm (5ft 11 inches)

Weight: 81kg (12 stone 11 pounds)

BMI: 24.7 I fall into the low end of the healthy weight, close to the border of slightly overweight category.

Systolic Blood Pressure: 128 mmHg – Centre of a normal level

Diastolic Blood Pressure: 74 mmHg – Bottom end of a good level

Aerobic Fitness V02: Max 49ml/kg/min – Top end of good level

Resting Heart Rate: 65bpm – Centre of normal level

Total Cholesterol: 4.44 mmol/L A good level

Blood Glucose: 4.6 mmol/L – A good level

Overall Health Score: 80

So basically I’m doing ok and 80 puts me into the category of the top 20% of the UK population of men aged between 30 and 39. If i get to 86 in 3 months I reach the top 10% so that is my aim, to get as close to that as possible.

On the subject I thought I’d open this up for a Poll.

My 2012 Health and Fitness Resolution


An early insight into 1 of the Top 3 “Essential Gaming Hardware” consoles for 2012

With the news just out that Europe’s leading video game industry magazine, MCV has placed the GameGadget in their Top 3 “Essential Gaming Hardware” guide for 2012, we ask, “What is the GameGadget?

The GameGadget has been pitched as the ‘play everything’ retro gaming device described as an “ipod for games” where by gamers will be able to pay for, download and play a huge catalogue of games across an unlimited number of platforms on just one device, alongside having the possibility to allow game developers to create new games for the device without the limitations and high premium costs that have been previously reported exist with the current consoles on the market. Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it?

The GameGadget 1.0. has been built alongside a new software service (GameGadgetGames), which offers Gamers, Game Developers and Game Publishers, unrivalled choice and flexibility in how they play, create and sell games.

Check out the teaser YouTube video below for a closer look

Open Source Unleashed Once Again

Consoles are no stranger for the Linux operating system, but its use here has been far from hidden, reading the press release is has been stated that:

“GameGadget 1.0 uses a Linux based Operating System which has been highly optimized for handheld consoles. This allows programmers to develop content just like they would do for any other Linux based system”.

“Popular game development libraries such as SDL and DirectFB are fully compatible, creating a cross compiling environment. GameGadget provides all documentation, start-up guides for developers, lists of available libraries and specific platform notes”.

We won’t have long to wait until the product hits the market, and I’ll be one of the first in the queue to get my hands on one of these as the press release states that the GameGadget will be available exclusively from for £99.99 from its launch in Q1 2012. I can also see that the Game Gadget already features on Amazon UK, but unavailable currently, but worth a look: